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i n t r o d u c t i o n

by the pretty little colorbar & the name you can tell this is a community dedicated to the tenipuri couple known as fuji syuusuke & echizen ryoma aka the thrill pair. if by any chance you have no clue what kind of community this is, i rec. that you check out the interests below before you start clicking on any posts found within this comm.

r u l e s

1. unrelated topics can & will be deleted.

2. no bashing & harassing of any kind; the community's main purpose is to have fun & meet other fujiryo fans.

3. all NC-17 & R rated topics should go under a cut tag. i don't think an explanation is needed on why. the same goes for large images & pictures.

4. looking for a certain fic, discussion, picture or etc? please check the community memories before posting & asking for its whereabouts.